Dr. Allison Snowden

Dr. Allison Snowden is a renowned healer, coach, medical intuitive, and Theta® Healing Expert with over 15 years of experience serving thousands of clients and students from around the world.
Her highly sought-after services include in-person and virtual healing sessions, group sessions, and retreats. Dr. Snowden trains other healers and medical professionals through her signature programs and courses within the Awakening Institute.
Dr. Allison Snowden holds a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Health & Sciences in San Diego, CA, in addition to her advanced training through the Theta® Healing Institute. She continues her professional development through regularly attending courses, workshops, and seminars.
Dr. Snowden has years of diverse, multi-disciplinary experiences in healing, yoga, integrative medicine, traditional medicine, and Theta® Healing, giving her the knowledge and understanding to help her patients prevent and recover from the damage caused by trauma. She helps identify and release the root cause of illness and challenges.

Dr. Snowden's Story

Dr. Allison Snowden has been highly intuitive since childhood. She was first introduced to energy healing when it saved her life at twenty years old. From that point, she has been committed to studying, practicing, and teaching all that she can about the power of energetic healing.
Dr. Snowden’s passion and drive for energetic healing are anchored in her own transformation from a near-death experience in 1999, leaving her in a wheelchair for two years with nine major reconstructive surgeries. She knew she had the power to heal herself and decided to turn her tragedy into opportunity.
She viewed her painful experience as a chance to understand the healing process on a subtle level, beyond what scientific instruments could measure. As a result, she experienced a complete transformation of her being and her understanding of the nature of reality.
Since that experience, she has been drawing on her expertise in the scientific and spiritual aspects of subtle energy to help others achieve healing. Today, she aids individuals, couples, top executives, and other healers by facilitating profound shifts in mind and body, thereby reintegrating Spirit into alignments with one’s true purpose and passion.


Dr. Allison Snowden has a deep passion, intuition, abundant experience and pure intention to help. Her work has been described as “purely transformative,” “a quantum upgrade,” and “life-changing.” She is known asa standout in this field” due to her immense gifts.

She co-creates with Spirit and speaks from her soul center with an ability to hear truths, see and feel energy, bring to light buried emotions, communicate with the invisible realms, and aid people in releasing what weighs them down.
Her signature loving, inviting and encouraging approach helps clients realize their higher purpose, live in their fullness and achieve health, purpose, and abundance and overcoming limiting beliefs and stepping into their purpose.
Dr. Allison Snowden is committed to sharing knowledge to empower others through serving as a loving, non-judgmental witness to help clients heal their deepest pain and traumas.

The Work

Dr. Allison Snowden offers bespoke Theta® Healing Journeys combing modern neuroscience, healing, and somatic tools to help individuals travel within and go beyond their current experience of the world.
Dr. Allison Snowden partners with her clients, relying on her intuition and depth of knowledge to craft personalized healing sessions.
Dr. Snowden understands the essential nature of how to recognize the signs and recover from the damage caused by unresolved trauma. Each session with Dr. Snowden addresses the physical, mental, and energetic damage inflicted during or after trauma. Regular sessions help optimize presence, vitality, and resilience within each client and collectively within their life.
During a session with Dr. Allison Snowden, you’ll get to the root of the trauma, cause, and programming, helping you move through it to heal and reprogram. Her clients describe working with her as “years of therapy in each session.”
Dr. Allison Snowden has helped thousands of clients overcome the obstacles holding them back, offering the guidance needed to identify the patterns of self-sabotage, disbelief, negativity, bad habits, and self-doubt and ultimately to heal.

This work is for you if you're ready to:

  • Transform your life
  • Create massive shifts
  • Experience quantum upgrades
  • Shift unsupportive or harmful patterns and habits
  • Remove energy blocks
  • Heal deep rooted trauma resulting in emotional and physical pain
  • Get to the root of the beliefs causing dysfunction and effectively release them
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Feel less triggered by old traumas
  • Identify patterns of dysfunction instead of living them daily
  • Release fears and unresolved traumas
  • Clear subconscious beliefs and programs that do not serve you
  • Tap into the power of self-healing with Theta® Healing
  • Create a more connected and centered life