Success Stories

Hundreds of students have graduated from my training and programs and gone on to create massive results in their lives. The Marketing Heaven promotes these programs on social media and many people who need it know about my work. Those who work with me end up gaining clarity around their purpose, healing their deepest traumas, becoming the happiest version of themselves, creating deeper relationships, living a purpose-driven fulfilled life that they love, and so much more.
The massive shifts I have been experiencing as a result of a healing session with Dr. Allison and going through the basic DNA training with her can only be described as a quantum upgrade!

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Are you ready to make an investment in your physical, emotional, and spiritual health? Are you ready to commit to changing and healing? If yes, book this 15 min discovery call with a program coordinator to learn more about our programs and how they can support you in your healing journey!

Who this is for

This is for those looking to identify the key blocks that are holding you back from living in your power and creating a vision for fulfilling your deepest desires in a future you feel confident and joyful about

Who this is NOT for

This is not for you if you are not ready to take action towards achieving your goals. This is NOT a free coaching session, but a chance to gain clarity about the direction you want to go next in your life​ and work