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Meet Dr. Allison Snowden

Dr. Allison Snowden began her spiritual awakening at just seven years old. She longed for a deeper understanding of herself and her purpose, knowing there was more to her than met the eye.
By the age of fifteen, she had witnessed her sister suffer from cancer and attended the funerals of innocent children. She prayed and prayed, begging for answers to life’s questions.
Why do these innocent kids suffer? What happens after death? What is the point of life?
Physically, she had to endure tremendous amounts of pain from surgeries and had to relearn to walk several times. The psychological pain, however, was unspeakable. The trauma and terror she experienced took a toll on her body and mind. She came to understand just how impactful trauma and the subconscious mind can be.

In 1999, Dr. Allison went through a near-death experience that would change the course of her life.

It was her own experience and healing journey that led her to help others overcome the obstacles in the way of living the life they yearned for.
Before Theta Healing, Dr. Allison tried many therapies and methods but was met with debilitating trauma and PTSD. Talk Therapy helped her to understand herself on an intellectual level. However, it made zero impact on her subconscious system or implicit memory.
It wasn’t until she found Theta Healing that she was able to experience true healing on a soul level.
Theta Healing changed Dr. Allison’s life, and now she helps others change theirs.
Dr. Allison helps women worldwide who are ready to take back their power, overcome limiting beliefs, step into their purpose and build a life beyond their current limitations.
Using Theta Healing, she helps women see and overcome the obstacles holding them back, offering the guidance needed to identify the patterns of self-sabotage, disbelief, negativity, bad habits, and self-doubt. She helps women realize their higher purpose, live in their fullness, and achieve health, purpose, and abundance.


Dr. Allison Snowden

Dr. Allison Snowden is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Master Energy Healer, Teacher, entrepreneur and intuitive.
Dr. Snowden combines her personal experience, her intuitive gifts, and her extensive training to offer the best possible experience to her clients. Her credentials include:

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